School Age

Our before and after school programĀ is designed for the elementary children school age child, 6-12 years. We provide care for children before school in an atmosphere that encourages positive attitudes towards learning that will continue throughout the day. Our after school program begins with greeting students as they arrive, inquiring about their day at school. From the time of arrival until they are picked up by parents, the student will be involved in quality time activities. Students are given a nutritious snack and encouraged to share their events of the day with their friends. Once a week, the children prepare the snack as part of a cooking lesson. An outdoor playtime provides opportunities for release of energy, some gross motor skill development and more time to relax with their friends. There is time indoors for arts and crafts activities and self-directed play when indoor games are available. Homework help time is set aside when all students work on homework with assistance from the staff as needed. For an additional fee, children are welcome and encouraged to attend on days when schools are closed or delayed.